Bullock Cart Discoveries

Feel the slow pace of village life,
be part of the innocence,
get lost between cock and stick fights,
and quench your thirst with the nectar of tender coconuts.

This is a trans-boundary initiative in which tourists are taken in a Bullock cart to visit the farmlands of a village in Tamil Nadu, hidden in a valley behind the mountains of Periyar Tiger Reserve, to see a variety of crops and a several species of birds. With vineyards, diverse agricultural crops of mangoes, tamarind, onions, sunflower, jasmine and a score of other vegetables, the village will take your breath away when the guides start to interpret how farming has woven delicately with the culture and the life of the natives. The rich bird diversity offers new explorations for serious ornithologists, while providing a wonderful beginning for novice bird watchers. This is a half day package, and rides start at 6 am and 2.30pm.

The programme is conducted by a group of rehabilitated ex-sandal smugglers who now aid in the protection of the Tiger Reserve. Earnings from this programme go towards rehabilitation of this group of people

Programme description in brief
  • Guided bullock cart ride to visit farmlands, bird watching; food and refreshments provided.
  • Time slots: Half-day package, starting at 6am and 2.30pm
  • Group size: Maximum of seven persons per trip @ Rs. 1000/- per person (Minimum Rs. 2000/- per ride).
  • Children of all ages can participate in the above programme.
  • Bookings are confirmed against 100% payment. Ticket rates do not include Entrance fees.