Jungle Inn - Jungle in the night

A shrill call from the depths of wild makes the wood calm and still, 
hoofs searching for shelter and you don’t see the big shadow… 
with bated breaths you watch the emergence of the tiger, the master hunter....

This is an opportunity for nature lovers to stay inside one of the watch towers constructed inside the forests in the ambience of jungle with minimal creature comfort. The forest cottage at Kokkara, about an hour's walk from the Forest check post is an ideal place to board two persons hoping to share the quietness of the jungle night. Here one could relax, read a book, listen to the cicada or simply watch the forests outside..

The high point of the programme is walking through different forest types at prime time when animals tend to be more active. One can watch troops of langurs, giant squirrels, etc., besides many birds along this stretch. Who knows, if the goddess of fortune smiles on you, a tiger could come out of the bushes chasing a herd of sambar deer! Tourists will be accompanied by trained guides.

The check in time and check out time are 3 pm. and 9 am. the following day respectively. Tea, snacks and dinner are provided.

Programme description in brief
  • Camping and trekking inside the forest, starting at 3pm, ending at 9am; food and double-bedded accommodation provided.
  • Time slots: 3pm to 9am.
  • Group size: Two persons per night, @ Rs. 2000/- per person.
  • Only children of 12 years and above are allowed to participate in the above programme.
  • Bookings are confirmed against 100% payment. Ticket rates do not include Entrance fees