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Little Egret,white egret,small egret

Length:55-65 cm long,wingspan 88-106 cm

Scientific Name : Egretta garzetta 
Phylum : Chordata 
Class : Aves 
Order : Ciconiiformes 
Family : Ardeidae 
Genus : Egretta 
Species : garzetta 
Vernacular Name : Cherumundi 
Life Span :  
Weight : 350-550 g  
Reproduction : During breeding season the adult’s plumage changes,Nest in colonies.nest is a platform of twigs in trees or shrubs.The breeding territory is defended(3-4m).3-5 oval,pale,non-glossy,blue-greencoloured eggs,both adults involve in incubating the eggs. 
Fascinating Facts : Generally silent but makes various croaking &bubbling calls at their breeding colonies and produce harsh alarm calls when disturbed 
Habits : Wetland 
Food Habits : Feeds on fish,insects,crustaceans,reptiles  
Conservation Status : LRLC 
Status based on Wildlife Protection ACT 1972 : Schedule IV 

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