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Purple Heron

Length:80-90 cm tall,wingspan 120-150 cm

Scientific Name : Ardea purpurea  
Phylum : Chordata 
Class : Aves 
Order : Ciciiniformes 
Family : Ardeidae 
Genus : Ardea 
Species : purpurea  
Vernacular Name : Chaayamundi 
Life Span :  
Weight : 0.5-1.3 kg  
Reproduction : builds bulky stick nest 
Fascinating Facts : Wait motionless for the prey or slowly stalk its victim.they exhibit slow flight,neck retracted.snake like neck,s-shaped in flight.Call-loud croaking”krek” 
Habits : Wetland 
Food Habits : Usually feeds on shallow water.feeds on fishes,frog,insect,small mammals 
Conservation Status : LRLC 
Status based on Wildlife Protection ACT 1972 : Schedule IV 

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