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Common Palm Civet orToddy cat

A small, mottled gray and black viverrid, with a cosmopolitan distribution, young ones of this species adapts easily to captivity, and even become affectionate towards humans. Its long, stocky body is covered with coarse, shaggy hair that is usually greyish in color. There is a white mask across the forehead, a small white patch under each eye.

Scientific Name : Paradoxurus hermaphroditus 
Phylum : Chordata 
Class : Mammalia 
Order : Carnivora 
Family : Viverridae 
Genus : Paradoxurus 
Species : P. hermaphroditus 
Vernacular Name : Marapatti. 
Life Span : Up to 22 years in captivity. 
Weight : 2 to 5 kg (4.4 to 11 lb), with a body length of about 53 cm (21 in) and a 48 cm (19 in) long tail. 
Reproduction : Throughout the year, with up to 2 litters of 4-5 young being born 
Fascinating Facts :  
Habits : Primary forests, but also occur in secondary and selectively logged forests, parks and suburban gardens, and even within human habitation. 
Food Habits : Omnivore, mainly feeding on fruits, coffee etc. but also small mammals and insects 
Conservation Status : LRLC 
Status based on Wildlife Protection ACT 1972 :  

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