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Sleek, short-haired, with a fulvous or bright fulvous coat, marked with small close-set rosettes. Considerable colour variation. Animals from desert zone are paler.

Scientific Name : Panthera pardus 
Phylum : Chordata 
Class : Mammalia 
Order : Carnivora 
Family : Felidae 
Genus : Panthera 
Species : pardus 
Vernacular Name : Puli, Pullipuli 
Life Span : 12-17 years in the wild 
Weight : Average total length is 215cm, females about 30cm less. Males ~68kg, females ~50kg. 
Reproduction : Breed all year round. Gestation period of 87-94 days. Normally 2 cubs per litter, sometimes 3 or 4.  
Fascinating Facts :  
Habits : Ranges over the entire country, and adapts well to human presence and habitation. 
Food Habits : Will kill and eat anything it can overpower safely, including cattle, deer, monkeys, smaller beasts of prey, larger rodents, birds, reptiles and crabs 
Conservation Status : Threatened 
Status based on Wildlife Protection ACT 1972 : Leopard living close to human settlements are known to frequently kill and consume stray and pet dogs!! 

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